Cartwayne Twain Part 1 – The Dream by Matt Wall

The Dream

The very first thing in which I remember,
I was amongst children, amongst their laughter.
A large gray haired man, was reading us a story,
About our Lord in all his glory.
In front of us was a large machine,
That started sparking, shaking and tormenting me.
There was one small, little boy though,
Who also was very horrified by this show.
He tried to stop it to no avail,
When he knew it was useless, the boy turned pale.
The time for disaster was definitely near,
We fled down a hallway in tremendous fear.

We heard an explosion, that came from our class,
Chasing us now was a wall of fiery glass.
We jumped into the first room that we found,
Dove through the doorway and onto the ground.
I noticed that the ceiling had starting to shake,
I stretched out my hand, hoping my new friend would take.
The little boy in the doorway froze,
Screaming and crying, his eyes were closed.

The ground started popping up in the air,
Hitting the boy, for whom I now cared.
Again I yelled for him to come,
But it was too late, the boy was gone.
The ground opened up and swallowed him whole,
And a grotesque feeling had filled my soul.
I screamed and then what did I see,
The floor turn around and noticed me.

It came to me slowly; I jumped on a chair,
To make a sound now, I wouldn’t dare.
The floor, I watched, it rippled like water,
I began to think, than the floor, I was smarter.
But then, it shot up on all sides of me,
Swallowed me whole and I could not breathe.
I gasped aloud for air in my lungs,
I finally gave up, my life it was done…

Strangely enough, it spit me out,
I was alive, without a doubt.
Half in fear and half dumbfounded,
I stared at my enemy, who had me surrounded.
The floor just sat, staring back at me,
And again, like water, it was rippling.

And that, I’m afraid, is all I remember,
Why I shared that with you my mind won’t render.
I had that dream, two nights ago,
Now sir, there is more for you to know…

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