The Old Dark Soul – Gothic Poetry

The Old Dark Soul by Matt Wall

Every night, when it was dark,

I would go outside, to a park,

I would sit and look upon a hill,

Which had a tower and a light its fill.

“But it is abandoned, there is nobody there.”

And then, stood up, on my neck, my hair.

I heard a faint, wailing moan,

A horrible, hideous, wrenched grown,

Coming from that empty tower,

I wondered if it could be a prowler.

But there is nothing there for it to steal,

Then I heard another low squeal.

I then decided “Tonight’s the night!

That I should enter the tower of fright.

Find out who puts on that light,

And find out if that person is all right.”

So up the hill I quickly climbed,

Not exactly sure what I would find.

The moans and groans, they grew louder,

The clouds above brought forth a shower.

I looked upon the tower cavity,

And noticed someone in captivity.

An old man with a frightful face,

Who warned me to flee from that place.

But inside and up the stairs I ran,

Into the room of golden tan.

In the corner, shriveled and old,

Wrinkled and chained, he shook of cold.

I first thought he was frightened of my presence,

But the closer I came the less his reverence.

I placed my hand upon his shoulder,

He looked up at me and his face grew colder.

Eyes of fear turned to eyes of fire,

A body of frailty turned to that of a tiger.

The old man’s fangs through his beard grew sharp,

The candle blew out and it turned so dark.

I stumbled back and fell to the ground,

Him biting my flesh was the only sound.

When the lighting struck his red eyes glowed,

His evil breath upon my body bestowed.

When I awoke drenched in blood,

I could not move from that flood.

I lifted my head to see the old man,

Crouched in the corner with something in hand.

I saw him chewing and licking his lips,

Sucking upon his fingertips.

When he saw me he was enraged and threw at me his food,

Which hit dead on, I could not move.

And when I saw what it was which he ate,

I thought for certain that I would faint,

And then three more pieces the old man threw at me,

Two arms, two legs, which belonged to me!

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