Hyde Chapter 6

Hyde Chapter 6

When Hyde came to, his head felt as if it were stuck to the cold ground. It was, for a moment before Hyde forced himself up. The wet blood stuck like glue to the icy floor of the giant walk-in freezer. More skin was ripped away from the wound and blood ran freely down his face. He cursed, but the sound of the freezer muffled any words that could have been heard.

Many minutes passed while Hyde recounted the steps that brought him to where he was at the moment. He thought of the mistakes he made in his impatience and swore he wouldn’t fall for things like that again, even though he knew deep down he would…that was of course, if he were able to make it out of the awful situation that he presently found himself in. 

There were a couple frozen sides of beef that were hanging on meathooks in the back of the freezer, that looked as if frostbite got the best of some time ago. It was at that moment that Hyde exhaled heavily to see his breath before his face. It was cold and getting colder. The blood that was only moments ago pouring freely was now congealed and hard.

Just as he suspected, his gun was gone. He scanned the freezer and saw that the unit that was blowing in the cold air, had some long and thick icicles hanging down. The corners of his lips curled with an evil grin.

He took off his coat and ripped out some of the lining before putting it back on. He wrapped a bunch around the plan of his open hand and after pulling with all his might, was thrown backwards on the hard floor with his icicle prize. He wrapped the remaining lining around the base of the large, makeshift weapon and tried the door.

He was right, they must have thought him dead and just threw him in the freezer. He chuckled to himself as the freezer door opened…

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