Hyde Chapter 5

Hyde – Chapter 5 

Hyde drove down to the Eastside of town then through it to the outskirts. The address he was given was, what looked to be an old meat packing plant. The tall outer walls were discolored and looked as though they would fall over if you leaned on them.

He drove around the place twice and didn’t see any cars. Was this a trick? The only way he would know for sure was to get out of the car and have a look around on foot. 

He found an opening into the building that was dark, he pulled out his gun and slowly walked in, trying to be extra cautious and paying close attention to any movement he may see or sound he may hear. The farther in he walked, we hoped that his eyes would adjust to the darkness, but somehow, it just seemed to get even darker.

He paused, closed his eyes tightly and squeezed them shut as hard as he could. What was that? That noise? It sounded like a footstep, far to the left, but then there were a couple more to the right… This is a trap.

Hyde swallowed hard, then opened his eyes hoping that the darkness wouldn’t seem so dark now, but it was in vain. He couldn’t see anything. He swung his gun back and forth towards the sounds, but didn’t know if he could take a shot. 


The lights came on suddenly and the bright fluorescent tubes blinded Hyde. The footsteps grew louder and intensified as they came closer. His vision came to him just as he saw a metal pipe coming for his head.


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