The Dark Blue Black – Gothic Poetry

Dark Blue Black by Matt Wall

I saw you again last night,

Out in the low grey fog and moonlight.

Walking through the dark blue black,

Wondering how you came back.

Moonbeams lit your pale white face,

You were dressed in a nightgown of lace.

Lips of blood and eyes of ice,

Your breathtaking beauty had no price.

Then you vanished into the air,

I almost touched you; I felt your hair.

It’s been six months since your death,

Since we kissed upon your last breath.

I haven’t seen the sunshine since that day,

Since in front of the castle we played.

Why did you go away from me?

I know its my fault that you I can’t see.

The dark blue black you walked in is all around,

Walking through misty fog my steps the only sound.

The naked trees surround me while I wait for you,

In this never-ending night of darkened hue.

I have found a log that sits above the fog,

And here I’ll wait upon this log.

And now I wait for you to come back,

And now I will wait for you in this dark blue black.

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