Resurrection of a Lost Love – Gothic Poetry

The Recreation of a Lost Love by Matt Wall

When my fair lady ran away from me,
I was not sure how I should be.
I could not live without my love,
My beautiful angelic white dove.
I loved her so and needed her back ,
But her not returning was now a fact.
Weeks after my love disappeared,
At a café, noticed something so queer.
There was a woman across from me ,
Whose lips looked like my love that left me!
I made conversation and took her to my home,
But I wanted not her, just her lips alone.
I cut them off with a very sharp knife,
I was sorry though when I took her life.

Next I found a girl of my love’s shape,
I locked her up so she could not escape.
I removed her lips and sewed on my loves,
It was my love but not nose and above.
Next were the nose, cheeks and ears,
And then she started to resemble my dear.
But the eyes! The eyes! Those dreadful eyes!
I could not find from any girls lives.
I pulled so many out and put so many back in,
Because those eyes I was not in.
I kiss my captive and show her I care,
But to love me she said she wouldn’t dare.
I finally found eyes of the perfect color,
But most of the time the eyes I would cover.
She was so beautiful besides some scars,
But love for me in her heart was afar.
I could no longer stand her constant complain,
Her loud cries and madness drove me insane.
I decided to keep her but her life I would take,
And now my love she could not forsake.

My love, my lifeless love, my bride,
You are my all with your rotting hide.
Now I shall lay with your stiffened corpse,
Now you love me! You love me of course.
There is now nothing left for me to do,
But for me to spend forever with you.

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