Elsa – Gothic Poetry

By Matt Wall

The day I found her, I won’t forget,
That was the day, she became my pet.
Her eyes they were, a beautiful blue,
And her skin was of a cadaverous hue.
Her lips were as red as fresh blood,
And her hair, a mysterious black flood.
She was tightly wrapped in cloth of white,
Then a long flowing gown, a beautiful sight.
I would have her lay and sleep with me,
And when I awoke, her presence was seen.
I kiss her lips, put her under lock and key,
For her love, was only for me.
And when I’d return from where I’d been,
Into my arms she came within.
One day though, I lost my way home,
And now my maiden is locked down alone.
I may never find my way back there,
She may, in captivity, run out of air.
All alone, trapped in the crate,
I fear she is dead, I fear I’m too late.

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