Hyde Chapters 1 & 2

Hyde Parts 1&2

Detective Hyde walked down the dark alley. He could see in the distance the body. It was under the only light in the alley, laying flat. He knew she was dead. He knew there was nothing he could do for her, but that wasn’t why he was there. He never got called to help a living person, he was only summoned by the higher ups to do one thing: catch killers.

The woman was pretty and was dressed for a fancy night out. Her dress was a pale pink. Now, it was actually pale pink, brown, wet in some places, and even had a shoe print on it. Hyde suspected that the killer held her down with his foot while he gave her the final shot.

As far as the shots go, there were two. Both entry wounds were aimed at the heart and it looked as though both made it to their destination. The blood seemed to have streamed down from the holes and stained her dress. 

Hyde knew down beside the body to get a better look at the shoe print left by the killer. Scanning the body, he saw something that might help him find the guy who did this. There was a tan line on her left ring finger. There was no ring. He examined the shoe print once more and determined that the murderer stepped on her torso and probably grabbed the ring, holding her down with his foot while he took it.

Was that the reason for the killing?

Is the ring a memento?

Hyde saw all he needed to. Now, all he wanted to do was put some bullets of his own into the man responsible. 


On his way out of the alley, Detective Hyde saw something that bothered him. He didn’t notice it on his way down the alley to the body, but nearly broke his neck in discovering it. It was a manhole cover that wasn’t put back on properly.

Hyde pushed on it with his foot.

“Yep,” he said. “Looks like…dammit.”

He wasn’t thrilled with the idea of going down into the sewers, but was pretty sure that that is where his target ran to after killing the woman; after taking her ring.

He slid the heavy piece of metal out of the way and took out his penlight. He shined it into the darkness of the hole, seeing nothing. He sighed, rubbed his big, bushy, black mustache and shook his head.

There were cobwebs on the rungs of the ladders he went down, but more importantly, there were disturbed cobwebs to the side of the ladder as he stepped down. That meant that he wasn’t the first person down there recently.

Once his feet hit the solid ground, he caught himself taking a deep breath. The air was moist and humid. The smell was awful and made him want to cough, but he held it back. He shined his penlight down the long passageway that he found himself in. He brought his tie up to his mouth and thought breathing through that might be a little safer, then realized what he was doing down there in the first place, and took his gun out instead. 

The catacombs of sewers ran for miles in every direction under the city. There would be no true way he could find who he was looking for down there, unless…

He turned the penlight down to his feet and scanned the ground. It didn’t take long for Hyde to find a shoe print, in what he hoped was mud, that matched the print on the dress.

East. He’s heading east.

That was enough for Hyde. He climbed back up the metal rungs and once out in the fresh air of a polluted city, walked east.

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