The Boy in the Rain – Gothic Poetry

The Boy in the Rain by Matt Wall

On a night, dark and stormy
In my bed, cold and lonely.
There was a noise, which awoke me.
From out in the rain.

I rose from my bed, began to walk.
Nerves and fears, in my mind’s thought.
From outside, I heard someone talk,
The voice drove me insane.

Out the window I looked in my fit,
I saw a boy run and skip
From his face, blood, it dripped,
Yet, he had no pain.

His laughter rang out so loud,
Bouncing off the darkest clouds.
Lightning struck and I ducked down,
But, the boy he saw me plain.

He stopped playing his little games,
And to my window he quickly came.
My screams I could not refrain,
And I quickly hid.

For some time I heard no sound,
Yet, my heart did still quickly pound,
My face could not break its frown,
But, look out the window I did.

About an inch from my eyes,
In the rain, to my surprise,
Was the boy, he had no eyes,
And his face still dripped of blood.

I screamed and fell as I jumped back,
Feeling I was under attack,
But still the boy, the boy just sat,
Sat there in the mud.

Gashes down his face so wide,
As if they’re tears in which he cried,
With deep dark holes instead of eyes,
I screamed, “Go Away!”

When I yelled I clenched my fist,
Nausea from my stomach pit,
But a smile upon his lips,
And he said, “Come out and play.”

I stood up and I yelled “No!”
And then the boy he vanished fro,
Trail on the ground from his blood flow,
Went across the street.

Out my window I had looked,
A good deep breath I finally took,
But then my whole body shook,
When I heard a dying woman shriek.

He has killed the woman across the road,
She really wasn’t very old,
It’s my fault, go away he was told,
And now he’s running next door.

I heard yet another person yell,
I heard them as their body fell,
I could no longer stand this hell,
My heart now was so sore!

I jumped up and ran outside,
Hoping that I soon would find,
The boy who committed the crimes,
Of this passing day.

When he saw me, the boy he squealed,
His eyeless bloody face had zeal,
And my fate I knew that I had sealed,
When I said, “All right, let’s play.”

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